How Past Lives Help You Discern Your Truth & Evolve Your Soul

How Past Lives Help You Discern Your Truth & Evolve Your Soul

Have you ever questioned why you’re here?  

Ever had a relationship that you couldn’t explain
the immediate connection?  

Or wondered what your life purpose is?

Your birth chart knows.

I’m often asked by my clients what drew me to help people heal and grow through Evolutionary Astrology.

At a young age, I began asking questions about why my life seemed so challenging. Of course, like most people, I grew up with my own struggles, confronting the ones with my family early on in my life.

I felt deep discontent and unhappiness about how I saw my life unfolding, fueling my desire to know more and to study about the purpose and meaning behind life.

The more I learned, the more I began to understand how past lives and karma have a direct influence on the way we view and experience this present lifetime. I especially resonated with the principles of Evolutionary Astrology, with its central focus on the Soul and past lives.

I soon began to unravel my past life story, and saw how it had been offering me life lessons to support my breaking free from old patterns.

In a previous incarnation, I was a person who shared a message of truth that went against the social norms of the time, leading to a life of separation and loss of connection.

In this present lifetime my soul co-created a life, where I’ve had the budding possibility to live and evolve through my fears about sharing my message. Along with choosing a time when it’s safe, to take a stand for what I believe in, especially with the sharing of how my connection with the Divine has been a guiding and nourishing light in my life.

Understanding the past gave me an opportunity to break new ground and experience a new reality that embraces a loving connection to the Divine.

Have you found yourself wondering how to own
your Truth in all of your relationships?  

Ever find yourself concerned about how others will react to you  living in tune with your Essence?

Unsure of how to be authentic
with the people closest to you?

Welcome to the first Divine Download, where my intention is to offer multidimensional experiences and insights to deepen and expand your relationship with your Soul Essence and the Divine, opening up new levels of inner peace, truth and clarity in how you relate with all the parts of Self—including the relationship within oneself.

The Divine Downloads are co-created to inspire you to step up and take a stand for yourself, by deepening your skills of downloading your own true wisdom and being your most authentic self—a relationship so deep within, it has the power to set you free, to speak your truth and be you, with more freedom and greater ease in every step along the way.

I’m passionate about supporting you in nourishing this inner relationship that will empower you to embrace a new vision of how to be in your life, fueling ongoing self-actualization of who you are, instead of who you think you’re supposed to be.

And right now, you may find few examples of how to be a part of a mundane world that seldom supports people living out of the box, along with living from a place of dynamic connection with the Divine that leads you to live from your Truth.

But I am here, and I am standing with you, while walking the path of the explorer or maverick, feeling the joy in discovering and embodying who you are on a soul level, in all dimensions and areas of your life.

How can Evolutionary Astrology change your life,
you may be wondering?

Traumatic experiences are the ones that tend to stay with you the longest, leaving behind the strongest energetic imprint on your soul. This energetic imprint, if not addressed, is carried over from life to life—what most people commonly refer to as karma.

In identifying your past life story, you can have more awareness and power to choose how you’d like to show up and co-create your life with others, opening up a space for you to learn and expand from seeing how it unfolds while having new experiences.

When you map your soul’s growth through a container like Evolutionary Astrology, the truth of you is revealed.

In locating the nodal axis of your Moon and the Pluto placement in your chart, you gain access to important insights into the areas of life, where you’ve felt challenged and the freedom to discover how those experiences and relationships are here to evolve your soul.

As an example, if your Pluto is in Libra (which it is if you were born between 1971-1984), you’ll be working out karma around issues of power and powerlessness in relationships, along with a generation of other souls born during this time period.

This information can be empowering, specifically to someone who’s concerned about the pattern of abuse present in their relationships and within their family, which can lead to struggles in owning their power.

The relationships that are the closest and feel the most intense are the ones with whom you have chosen to work out your core karmic and past life issues.

We make agreements and contracts with souls, who also want to work on specific issues, like how to be in one’s power in relationships. Usually, these are the souls that become your parents, siblings and partners.

Depending on who wants to learn what, each soul chooses to play a role. For example, your father decides to play the oppressor, while you decide to play the victim for the purpose of both people understanding what it’s like to be on either side of the power dynamic.

In a prior life, the roles may have been reversed and your father was the victim and you were the abuser. This enables both people to experience the opposite side of the dynamic, creating space for both people to understand the other, and offering room to take responsibility for their part in the situation. In this moment, the karma between both people dissolves.

What’s the value of looking at life through this lens?

We release ourselves and others for what we have endured and shared. Rather, we come away with the realization and understanding that the relationships we’ve lived through or we’ve experienced have been a necessary step for everyone to grow and expand on a soul level.

This is why souls often choose to have multiple lifetimes focused around a centralized theme, in order to fully understand and evolve through an issue by experiencing various sides of the situation. Seeing the big picture, the soul can then neutralize the karma and learn from the choices and consequences of all the lives, thereby transforming its relationship to personal power.

Through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, a gift lies in being able to identify the core karmic imprint that your soul has chosen to bring into this lifetime, providing you the opportunity to learn from the imprint by making different choices and having new experiences–setting you free from living it once again.

I found this type of information, so impactful to my life that Evolutionary Astrology became a significant part of my soul’s calling and service. I aim for others to have this unique discernment tool, that quickly and accurately identifies the key past life programmed responses and reactions, making it easier to know and choose my truth. I have felt moved to share this message with others, so that you may have the same opportunity.

Each lifetime offers great potential and possibility for soul growth, and evolution available to us all.

We are surrounded by a world of support that shows up with every interaction. The daily replay of karma is a gift and opportunity to choose differently, to learn and to heal.

Everything in your life has a purpose, supporting your unique soul journey back home to Source and Creator. There are no mistakes.

If you are drawn to know more about your unique Divine Design and Karmic Patterns, a Soul Map Astrology Session, may be an important step to take in your next soul’s evolutionary path. I’d be honored to walk that path with you.

With love and light,

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